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Contracts and Services

Recording: Contract and Costs

We want to offer a rewarding work experience, in a proactive and productive climate, and be able to keep the studio open as a service to the music community. We costantly invest in the latest analogue and digital technologies but we want our space to be economically competitive for our artists.
N.B. The costs shown are indicative and refer to complete recording projects. For solo and chamber music projects we usually record on 3 consecutive days. For complex and long-term projects please contact us.

Standard cost
(for non
DaVinci artists)
DaVinci artist
Sound engineer
(for 3 consecutive days)
1050€ 750€ 690€
Editing 40€/per hour 35€/per hour 30€/per hour
Mixing 40€/per hour 2 versions included 2 versions included
DDP 80€ Included Included
Piano rent
Steinway Gran Coda
(for 3 consecutive days)
1200€ 900€ 800€
Piano tuning
(3 times)
360€ 300€ 300€
Piano tuning
(technician on site)
750€ 600€ 600€
Space fee 300€ Included Included

Digital Engraving Costs (approx.)

Low complexity scores100€ for 4 minutes of music
(simple solfeggios, mainly legato phrases, small dynamic range, simple meter changes and rare changes of agogics, organics reduced to five elements)

Medium complexity scores150€ for 4 minutes of music
(medium difficulty solfeggios, articulated phrases, medium dynamic range, frequent changes of meter and agogics, medium-sized organic)

Highly complex scores200€ for 4 minutes of music
(complex solfeggios, use of instrumental effects, large dynamic range, continuous changes of tempo, organic of large size)

*NB: the detailed estimate will be drawn up once the score has been analysed.

For more complex and demanding projects it is possible to organize additional sessions with a real orchestra playing only some parts.