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Equipment and Services

DV Studio has the necessary equipment and experience to produce great classical music recordings. We work with international artists and we can oversee all stages of production, from the set up of the venue to the preparation of the recording for distribution.

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Once the repertoire is confirmed, we study the best technical and logistical solution for your production, according to your budget and your needs. Once these parameters have been established, the dates will be fixed and the registration contract will be signed.

  • Recording
    We usually record our projects (soloists and small chamber music ensembles) on 3 consecutive days. The DV Studio production manager is in control over the artistic production during the recording: he advises you which fragments of the recording should be repeated, if there are any interpretative problems and which parts were perfectly performed. Because of his experience, he cas also suggest the best timing to respect to end your recording session well and, when necessary, to take small breaks to relieve stress.
  • Editing
    Once the recording is finished, all the audio material is delivered to the artist who, calmly, will decide the best parts that will be assembled according to his requests. For particularly complex projects or in case of an artist is very busy, we can take care of the assembly of the material and deliver the assembled files to the artist, who always has control over the production chain.
  • Mixing & Balancing
    Mixing consists of techniques that allow you to enjoy the artist’s interpretation in the best way. It is the most creative phase of the production and, for Da Vinci Publishing productions, it is entirely under the artist acontrol and it must be approved by the artistic direction.
  • Master & DDP
    Once the mixing has been approved, the tracks are cleaned of any noise and small inaccuracies, and the definitive master will be printed through DDP. DDP (Disc Description Protocol) is a format for specifying the contents of optical discs, including CDs and DVDs, for the final duplication.
  • Distribution
    Your recording is ready to be distributed. We will take care of supplying the physical copies to our physical and digital distributors (Spotify, Amazon Music, Youtube Music, …). We will also take care that the best records can have reviews from the specialized press of the sector and have the greatest visibility possible.
Dedicated storage facilities – for your peace of mind We know the value of performance and the unrepeatability of the creative moment. To ensure the preservation of precious artists’ recordings for the future in secure high resolution formats, we use a dedicated server for the storage of processing files. Once the files are uploaded to the server they will be safe for the entire duration of the production and, at the end, the artist can to download a copy for personal backup.

DV Studio basic equipment

Top grade equipment ready for multichannel recording up to 192kHz 24bit

■ Prism Audio Atlas solid state 8 channels Class A preamps hi-end conversion AD

■ Antelope Orion Studio 12 channels preamps


■ SPL Crimson 3 Monitor controller

■ Direct Hard Disk recording (up to 24 in/32 out) on McBook Pro with SATA 500 gb

■ Furman PL 8ce power conditioner


■ PMC TB2S Active Monitor 

■ KRK RP5 

■ Sennheiser HD 650, Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro, Beyerdynamic DT 880, AKG K271 headphones


■ Neumann U89

■ Schoeps CMC5 Mk4 stereo pair

■ Seenheiser MKH Omni 8020 stereo pair

■ Austrian Audio Oc818 stereo pair

■ Sontronics Apollo2 Active Stereo Ribbon

■ Braingasm stereo pair custom made

■ Rupert Neve SE Rn17 stereo pair

■ AudioTechnica 4040

■ Edge Duo dual

■ Aston Origin

■ Mogami premium cables


■ Cockos Reaper

■ Logic pro / ProTools

■ Altiverb 7

■ Fiedler Spacelab Interstellar 3d rendering software

■ FabFilter bundle

■ Melodyne 5

■ Izotope RX10

■ Ozone mastering suite